Linkin's Toy Story Cake

You get a horrible indoor picture on this cake because there was no way it would have held up in the heat for an outdoor (best lighting) photo.  This cake was a challenge for me, most because it wasn't covered in fondant.  Again, to keep costs down we cut that out.  It is a chocolate cake with strawberries and whip filling.  That makes a cake super slidey and tough to work with.  Add the cream cheese frosting to that, which doesn't spread the same as buttercream, and this cake becomes difficult.  I bet it tasted amazing though!  I originally only had Buzz and Woody on the cake, but when I delivered it, Linkin added some of his other Toy Story toys.  The cake just looked better with them on, so you get his version of the cake.

Beauty and the Beast

I love how this cake turned out!  We actually did several things to keep the cost down, but I think it turned out stunning, despite those things.  Sometimes i just love a single tier, buttercream cake that looks so crisp it looks fake.

The Sloans Return

My mom served an LDS mission in Quito, Ecuador.  She was the assistant to the president and a couple of weeks ago, President and Sister Sloan came home.  I made this cake for the top of a cupcake tower.  Behind the figures is a volcano.

The silver SUV hanging off the mountain is kind of an inside joke regarding all their crazy adventures.
300 of these bad boys went with the cake.  I made red velvet, carrot cake, and chocolate.

Kodak Cake Pops

I was thrilled when I got a call for someone who got my name from someone else (neither of these people did I know, YAY!).  I love that my name is getting out there!  I was asked to make 300 cake pops for a corporate event at a convention.  My customer was coordinating the event for Kodak!  I love some colorful cake pops... even if they are ALL vanilla.

Kink the Roofer

These are not the clearest pictures, but this cake had too much work involved to leave it off the blog.  I made it for my cousin's grandfather who was a roofer in his glory days.  That house is a cake, and rice krispy treats.  Lots of little details on this cake.  Don't miss the little bird... he's my favorite!


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