Princess Britney

Princess Britney needed a cake made especially for her.  This is what I came up with!  There's a 9" tier and a 5" tier, all made with white cake and vanilla buttercream.  This was a REALLY fun cake to make... from the stone impressions to the sparkly pink lustre dust that was brushed over the whole thing.  So girly!  One good thing about our move to Utah- I won't have to battle the heat when delivering a cake.  This one practically melted and lost 4 of the 8 turrets in the car.  Luckily I had all my supplies to fix it.  Still sad though! 

Brian's Transformer Cake

I can't take much credit for this cake.  My sous chef, Brandon did all the work on the Transformer logo.  It is a 9x13 chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling.  See the sad spot on the lower right?  That, my friends, is what happens when water touches fondant.  It slowly eats away the sugar.  This cake got dripped on in the freezer and I wasn't aware of it until too late.  I learned the next day that my freezer wasn't freezing anymore... thus, the dripping.  Overall, a simple, fun cake for a little boy named Brian. 

Sweet 17!

This was for a girl who missed out on her Sweet 16 party because her family moved. Her nice mom was so excited to give her a great surprise party and asked me to make this adorable cake. Another favorite of mine!

Engagement Dinner Cake

This cake is made with a 12" square and a 10" square white cake, filled with raspberry. It turned out pretty cute, if you ask me. I was pretty sure the cake was going to melt when I took it outside to take a picture of it. 113 degrees today... it was a good day to stay inside and work on cake.