Christmas Cupcakes

Here they are. A whole LOT of Christmas cupcakes. This is 1/3rd of the big corporate order I got. There were almost 600 total.  It was a lot of work, but I LOVED it!

My Taba turns FOUR!

Meet Tabitha. She is my girl. My only girl. You might say she is the reason I make cakes.  After all, it all began with her first birthday cake.
Well, my Taba turned four and this girl loves her some "La-La-Lucy".  We had a friend party, complete with this cake.  Unfortunately, it was pouring rain outside and I didn't dare take the cake outside for good photos. A photographer I am not. So, this is the best we could do. Enjoy her Lalaloopsy cake!

Alice In Wonderland meets The Mad Hatter

My niece Piper turned 3 and her parents threw her an AMAZING Mad Hatter tea party.  It was so much fun! I was honored to make her cake and cupcakes.

This cake is one of my all-time favorite cakes that I've made.  It was gorgeous, and I'm a little disappointed in the pictures.  The hat was dusted with this gold-green petal dust that gave it the coolest effect.  Unfortunately, that didn't come through under the artificial lighting : (.  It was a beautiful cake!

Piper and her dad...

Her carrot cake cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting.

Bee a Friend Cupcakes

Miche Bags

Yes, it's a cake.  I was asked to make this for Miche bags, along with a couple dozen cake pops. 

Flirty Skirt

Tatum's Baptism

My little blondie friend, Tatum, turned 8 recently and she got baptised.  She asked me to make her a cake and how could I refuse?  Her mom originally requested the "Rainbow Butterfly Cake", but when I asked Tatum what her favorite color was (thinking it would definitely be one of the colors in the rainbow cake), she said PINK!  Of course.  So, I came up with this idea.  The inside looked just like the outside... gradated layers of pink.