Christmas Cupcakes

I am taking orders for Christmas Cupcakes. Give them to neighbors, friends, co-workers, teachers, whoever! Choose snowflakes, holly with berries, or santa hat designs. Cupcakes will come in boxes of 12, 6, or 1 and tied with pretty coordinating ribbons and bows. They'll have a little bit of edible glitter and look and taste FABULOUS!
Pricing: Box of 12: $26, Box of 6: $14, Individual: $3
Send me an email at if you're interested!

Teacher Cakes 2010

Last year's cakes for my boy's teachers were such a hit that I wanted to try giving them again.  So, Merry Christmas to Mrs. Bryce and Mrs. Kambourian.  Both of them asked, "Is this a real cake?"  Well, of course it is!

Returned With Honor

I am blessed to have friends here in Utah who believe in me enough to recommend me to other friends.  This was my first cake job in Utah from a referral.  I copied the design from the fabulous April who taught me most of what I know.  She's so dang creative!  I don't quite have the piping skills of a master yet, but overall I think it came out very charming.  Welcome Home Elder Cypers!


 I kind of feel like I begged my wonderful friend to let me make her baby's first birthday cake.  She swears she wanted me too, but after about 2 months of not making a cake, I was dying to get back in the saddle and I wanted it to be with a fun cake.  She asked for a "zoo animal" cake for baby to dig into with cupcakes for the rest of them, and then let me run wild (pun intended).  This super cute lion won my heart, and I love how the cupcakes turned out.


This cake was for the 40th birthday of a single mom that is currently going through chemo.  It's an 8" chocolate cake with buttercream filling and frosting.  My friend Abby, who ordered the cake for her friend, called it "Stunning!"  I have to agree.  I love it! 

Kayson's Beach Party

Brandon's brother Kayson got married last week and had an open house last night.  There was a beach theme and it was a gorgeous party.  I made a small cake and cupcakes.  There were lemon, red velvet, chocolate, and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  The 7" cake was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and filling with sugar paste shells around the edge.  White chocolate sea shells adorned the top of the cupcakes.  As a side note... We live in Arizona.  Outdoor events can be very tricky for food and especially for cakes and cupcakes.  This one was no exception.  It was 107 yesterday and it was rough to watch it all melt and shift and slide and not be pretty anymore. 

Starbucks Office

This cake was for another officer who got promoted to detective (I think).  Apparently there's a running joke that the detectives office out of Starbucks.  Thus, the cake.  Honestly, I can't remember what the cake and filling were for this one, but I'm sure it was YUMMY!  And yes, the cup is all sugar. 


A cake for a promotion party.  This officer earned a spot on the DUI taskforce in Scottsdale and his wife threw him a party.  She added a police car and a civilian car to the cake.  The cake is a 1/2 sheet chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream filling. 

Butterfly Kisses

I helped throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law Britney who is having her first baby GIRL after three boys!  It was a beautiful shower with a "Butterfly Kisses" theme.  I did a 7" chocolate cake with NUTELLA mousse filling and 100 chocolate cupcakes frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with a fondant butterfly.  This is one of my most favorite cake designs that I stole from a friend's cake website.  I found it months ago and knew that I had to make it for SOMETHING! 

Practice Makes Perfect

One of Grady's friends had a birthday and his mom asked me to make a Lego cake.  This is my 4th Lego cake, and it seems I'm getting better at perfecting my technique. 


It's not that I haven't been making cakes, it's that I haven't had time to blog about them.  Did I mention we're moving to Utah?

I made this cake in record timing for a friend who needed a nice cake for her sister's 25th birthday.  It is a 9" chocolate cake with raspberry filling, covered in vanilla buttercream.  I added a classic black bow with a little blink, and voila! 

Tildy's Cupcakes

Nutella-filled cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream made for my little (and I do mean little) niece's blessing day.  I don't usually get to taste the fruits of my labors, but I got to taste these and they were FAB!

Princess Britney

Princess Britney needed a cake made especially for her.  This is what I came up with!  There's a 9" tier and a 5" tier, all made with white cake and vanilla buttercream.  This was a REALLY fun cake to make... from the stone impressions to the sparkly pink lustre dust that was brushed over the whole thing.  So girly!  One good thing about our move to Utah- I won't have to battle the heat when delivering a cake.  This one practically melted and lost 4 of the 8 turrets in the car.  Luckily I had all my supplies to fix it.  Still sad though! 

Brian's Transformer Cake

I can't take much credit for this cake.  My sous chef, Brandon did all the work on the Transformer logo.  It is a 9x13 chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling.  See the sad spot on the lower right?  That, my friends, is what happens when water touches fondant.  It slowly eats away the sugar.  This cake got dripped on in the freezer and I wasn't aware of it until too late.  I learned the next day that my freezer wasn't freezing anymore... thus, the dripping.  Overall, a simple, fun cake for a little boy named Brian. 

Sweet 17!

This was for a girl who missed out on her Sweet 16 party because her family moved. Her nice mom was so excited to give her a great surprise party and asked me to make this adorable cake. Another favorite of mine!

Engagement Dinner Cake

This cake is made with a 12" square and a 10" square white cake, filled with raspberry. It turned out pretty cute, if you ask me. I was pretty sure the cake was going to melt when I took it outside to take a picture of it. 113 degrees today... it was a good day to stay inside and work on cake.

So Fancy!

I love pink and black and white and was so excited to try another shoe. I always like to try and improve on my last attempt. I made this cake for a 14 year old's birthday. Her mom said she loves shoes and the color pink. I've been wanting to try zebra stripes, so this was the perfect opportunity. This is an 8" butter cake with strawberries and whipped cream filling.

Happy Father's Day

So glad I got to do a Father's Day cake! My client wanted a cake that represented her husband and each of her kids. She's due to have their first girl any day and included her as well. The golf ball is for the hubby, the Dinoco car and Mickey are for her two boys, and the Tiara is for soon to be sister!
It was my first experience with a golf ball... and it took longer than I expected. It was also my first experience with a Mickey Mouse... one I hope to never have to repeat. Making Mickey look like Mickey is HARD!

Rainbows & Butterflies

I have another little buddy named Brady who turned FIVE today. Brady has slightly more sophisticated tastes and prefers rainbows and butterflies to cartoons. This cake was one that I've looked forward to making for a long time. My cake buddy Trish makes a beautiful rainbow cake, and when she wasn't available to make one for Brady's mom, who is a mutual friend, I was thrilled to have the chance.
This cake was TALL. I'm guessing somewhere along the lines of 9". It is frosted in vanilla buttercream.
I LOVE color. If you know me well, you know that I have a difficult time not painting every room in my house a different color. Yes, a bright green almost adorned my large two-story entry. Anywho, Brady loves color too. The cake had to be the full spectrum rainbow- ROYGBIV. Putting the butterflies on this cake was the highlight of my day. Just Beautiful!

Super Why!

My little buddy Jex turned FOUR today and I am so lucky his mom asked me to make his cake. He's a cute little red-head and he loves himself some SUPER WHY. Now, I'm not privy to the SUPER WHY cast, but it was a fun cake to make nonetheless. It was a small 7" Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling... enough to feed 12 kids.

Sweet 16!

My client designed this cake herself for her Sweet 16 party. She was celebrating with a friend. I'll admit I was skeptical about the colors, but in the end, I decided it worked. 12" round tier- foam dummy, 7" square tier-white cake with chocolate buttercream, and 5" round tier- Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting, and buttercream.

My Grady turned SIX!

And what does he request? CLUB PENGUIN!!! My boys are currently obsessed, and since there were lots of colors involved, I couldn't turn down his heart's desire. This was a FUN cake!


A Luau for 30 kids called for a challenging cake! Well, not really, but that's what it turned out to be. I should have made those leaves out of gumpaste because they would not stop breaking off and falling to the counter. But, in the end, it all worked out and I was happy with the finished product. Not so happy with my picture taking skills.

Calla Lilies Wedding Cake

The customer just wanted a small white cake with some purple flowers. It was a 9" and 7" chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. The calla lilies were made from fondant and yellow sugar sprinkles. Some were dusted with purple petal dust.

My Sassy Heidi

A good friend of mine is moving to Utah for a couple years while her hubby goes to school. We had a girls night out to say au revoir. I was making the purple houndstooth cake and decided to make a "cousin" cake for Heidi, since the style was just right for her. LOVE IT!

Voted "Best Shoes"

Such a fun Graduation cake! I loved designing and making this cake. I was told to make a cake that had a purse or shoe theme with the colors black, purple, silver, and white. I had so much fun designing and decorating this cake. When I dropped it off, the mom told me that her daughter had been voted "Best Shoes" in her class. So Perfect!
This cake is 10" and 8" white cake with chocolate mousse filling. Everything is edible except for the jewels and the stick that's holding that high heel on the cake!