Calla Lilies Wedding Cake

The customer just wanted a small white cake with some purple flowers. It was a 9" and 7" chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. The calla lilies were made from fondant and yellow sugar sprinkles. Some were dusted with purple petal dust.

My Sassy Heidi

A good friend of mine is moving to Utah for a couple years while her hubby goes to school. We had a girls night out to say au revoir. I was making the purple houndstooth cake and decided to make a "cousin" cake for Heidi, since the style was just right for her. LOVE IT!

Voted "Best Shoes"

Such a fun Graduation cake! I loved designing and making this cake. I was told to make a cake that had a purse or shoe theme with the colors black, purple, silver, and white. I had so much fun designing and decorating this cake. When I dropped it off, the mom told me that her daughter had been voted "Best Shoes" in her class. So Perfect!
This cake is 10" and 8" white cake with chocolate mousse filling. Everything is edible except for the jewels and the stick that's holding that high heel on the cake!

A Simple Birthday Cake

A friend of ours requested a simple but yummy birthday cake for his wife. This was an 8" white cake with raspberry filling, covered with vanilla buttercream.

Headstone Retirement Cake

Brandon's dad works for Catholic Cemeteries and asked me to make this cake for a colleague that was retiring. It is a half-sheet cake, 12x18 inches, made with yellow and chocolate cake, raspberry and chocolate mousse filled. You can't tell in the picture, but I painted it with lustre dust so it sparkled like granite would. I think this cake must have weighed 50 lbs. It was super heavy! Everything on the cake is sugar, except the stems for the flowers. The letters for the name were hand cut.

Daxton turns 8!

My oldest son turned 8 this month and he needed an extra special cake. Here he is on the soccer field (waving to his best buddy- his little sister).

Here he is on top of his birthday cake, freckles and all.

And here's the cake we came up with for his big day.
This cake was 9", 6", and a ball-shaped cake. All are yellow cake. The bottom tier was chocolate mousse filled, the middle was raspberry filled, and the top was filled with just vanilla buttercream.

Bre's Finally 15!

This was a 9" & 6" chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. Simply adorned with dots and a bow with a crystal center.

Sadie's Milk & Cookies Cake

This 6" pink and chocolate brown cake was for a beautiful baby girl's 1st birthday. She had a Milk & Cookies party, which I think is a super fun idea! Cost: $40

Cupcake Toppers

These were made for a 7 year-old's Drive-In birthday party. Her mom made the cupcakes, and I made these toppers. Cost: $1 each

Cupcakes for Baby Tildy

Chocolate letters, fondant flowers, lots of buttercream, and a little girly glitter adorned super moist chocolate cupcakes. I made these for my sister's Alphabet-themed baby shower. Cost: $35/dozen.

Favorite Things

I gave these cupcakes away in individual cupcake boxes to several of my friends at a book club retreat. They were red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting... my favorite. Cost: $28/dozen.

Lego Baby Block Cake

A baby block cake with chocolate Legos. 10" cube. Cost: $60

2nd Birthday Cakes with Cupcakes

Two babies turned two and had a joint party. Here's what I did for them. A 6" gumball cake for each with cupcakes to match. Cost for one 6" cake and 12 cupcakes with toppers: $60

Hogwarts Cake

A friend of mine wanted a Harry Potter cake and this is what I came up with. Hogwarts made from fondant and gum paste. The cake was 10" square chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Cost: $150

Twins Birthday

This was for 14 year old twins. One plays soccer, one does karate. This is a 9" cake, frosted in buttercream with two fondant figures on top. Cost: $50

Teacher Christmas Gifts

I made these cakes for my boy's teachers for their Christmas gifts. They were a huge hit, and they're still talking about them over at the school. 6" cake with fondant figures. Cost: $50.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes for a baby shower. Frosted with yellow buttercream and adorned with flowers. Cost: $28/dozen

Jersey's 1st

I made this cake for my friend Heidi when her baby girl turned 1. Three tiers, one of them is styrofoam, the other two are one flavor of cake, with one filling. Features: blingy flowers, a blingy butterfly and a swirly "J". Cost: $160

13th Birthday Cake

Two tiers (9" & 7"), one flavor of cake, one flavor of filling. Fondant roses on top, with fondant balls around the edges.

Kobi's Flip Flop

A flip flop for a summer themed birthday party. The bling is in-edible. Cost: $35

May 2009 Cakes

A Vegetable Garden Cake made for my brother-in-law, who loves to garden. The pot is all cake, and the vegetables are all fondant. The dirt is made from chocolate and graham crackers. Cost: $50

A Flip Flop made for a Relief Society enrichment night. It's about 12" long and 6" wide. Cost: $35 for one, $60 for a pair.