U of U Grad Cake

Matilda's 1st Birthday

Matilda is my niece, so you can understand if I went a little overboard on her cake.  She is also the only daughter and only child of my only sister, so you can also understand if her mother didn't mind one bit how overboard I went.  I just lovingly refer to this cake as "Tildy's 1st Wedding Cake".  She liked it...

A Royal Wedding

I threw a party at my house to watch the Royal Wedding.  Of course it wouldn't be complete without a wedding cake, so I made this one.  I personally like it better than the actual royal wedding cake.  Those royals know how to do a lot of things right, but wedding cakes aren't one of them.  They are so gaudy and old school looking, in my opinion. 
Oh, I also made some white cupcakes with raspberry filling and lemon cream cheese frosting.  They were kind of divine.

UVU Graduation

My friend Sarah's mother-in-law graduated from UVU last week and I got to make this cake for her!  It was a cake that evolved into this design, as I tried my hand at stenciling again, and failed (again).  The stenciling was better than my last trial, but in the end, it wasn't good enough.  I started over and came up with this, which I am pretty pleased about.  This cake was 6 layers of chocolate cake and filled with chocolate mousse, so it was about 7 inches of chocolatey goodness.