Cypers Wedding

Last, but not least for this week was this pretty thing.  Remember that missionary cake from back in November?  Well, Elder Cypers married his Skylee today, and this was their cake.  Fresh flowers were added when I delivered it, but I don't have any picture of the cake with flowers yet.  Maybe later...

This cake was white cake with white chocolate mousse (YUMMO).  It was a challenge, but a good challenge.

Tea Cake

Another good customer of mine ordered this cake for his partner, who owns an online tea company.  It was requested that the theme of the cake and cupcakes coordinate with the tea website logo and colors.  This cake is a 7" round, vanilla cake with lemon curd filling.  There were 12 matching cupcakes too.  Bummer, I forgot to get a picture of them : (

Tyfani's Birthday Wedding Cake

My sweet sister-in-law had a birthday this week.  Lucky her, she got to MOVE on her big day.  There is a silver lining to that though... she moved 2 doors down from ME.  I got to walk her cake on over to her- the best delivery of the week!  I made this cake because it was SO HER!  She loved it so much she started calling it her wedding cake.  She kind of hated her real wedding cake, so she decided this one was going to be her wedding cake from now on. 

This was a 6" square chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling.

Tea Party Cupcakes

More cupcakes requested from my best customer- my SISTER!  That girl keeps me busy!  Look how cute these turned out for a little tea party she went to.

Hawk Watch

What a CRAZY week it's been.  Business here in Utah has really picked up and I was one BUSY girl.  This was a last minute order for a retirement party.  The lucky retiree is spending her retirement working with Hawk Watch International.   My sweet hubby gets all the credit for the hawk.  He did an amazing job (and spent a ton of time on it!).  Oh, and there were 60 cupcakes with little nests on them. 


Hello Friends,
So, many of you don't know that My Favorite Cake Place has a facebook page too.  If you are a facebook participant, please go to my page and LIKE it, so I can stay in closer contact with you.  I often have extra cupcakes or cake pops after I fill an order and I will offer them super cheap.  It's usually easiest if I can just put a post on facebook and get the info out.  The link is:!/pages/My-Favorite-Cake-Place/125139477513344
I know there are lots of people out there checking out my blog and I don't know who you are.  It would be fun to see your face on My Favorite Cake Place- Facebook Edition!


Class 3

 These are the cakes that 3 of my students made.  Class 3 was all about fondant covering practice and bow making.  I think they left with some beautiful cakes.  We decided we haven't had enough fun yet, so they are going to come back for a 4th class this Saturday.  We'll be having MORE practice, plus an airbrushing demonstration from my brother and I'll have my Cricut cake out for some experimenting. 

This is Eric's finished cake...

 This is Cami's cake...

And this is Ashley's cake...
Not too shabby if I say so myself.  I am so proud of them!

The 80's ROCK

So, I love making cakes, but every once in awhile someone comes to me with a cake idea that I get really excited about.  I am a child of the 80's, so of course I was excited about this one!  It made me nostalgic for my layered neon socks and my pegged jeans.  This is a 7" red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting filling.

A Beautiful Cake

My mom asked for a cake for a friend of hers.  "She deserves something beautiful," she said.  Of course that led me to flowers.  I initially just planned on doing daisies, but as the cake progressed, I thought I'd try out some of my new lily cutters.  This was a 7" chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.

Class 2

I snapped a few quick pictures at the end of the second fondant class.  I am actually very proud of my "students".  They are learning lots and left with some pretty decent cakes.  I can't wait to see what happens next week!

Nook by Barnes&Noble

This is my cake rendition of the Barnes & Noble's Nook.  I made it for a friend's dad's 60th Birthday, along with a few cupcakes.  There's a few things I'd do differently if I were to make this cake again, but just little things like use different pans (with sharper corners).  It's too bad I can't put a digital touch pad in a cake. 

Last Weekend

Business is starting to pick up, which is really nice!  This past weekend I was very busy.  I got to make this really adorable lighthouse cake for a 50th birthday.  They are hard to see, but there are reeds coming out of the cake, and it was just so fun (if I do say so myself).  It's ALL sugar, except for the reeds and the wire on the fence.  

Editors Note:  I just got this from the lovely lady who ordered the lighthouse cake.
Mandy, you are so talented!! The lighthouse cake and cupcakes were a huge hit. Everyone at the party was taking photos of the cake..they couldn't stop talking about it. I have shared your blog address with my friends. That's the best carrot cake we have ever had and those lemon curd cupcakes are my favorite. Thank you so much for moving to Utah. I'll be contacting you again soon for a graduation cake.                  --Vicky
I LOVE feeling the LOVE!

My sister asked me to make this crocheting cake for her good friend.  I love a challenge!  Those balls of yarn weren't easy, but I love the outcome.

The final project for the weekend was 150 cupcakes to celebrate Aurora's 16th birthday, or the final production of Sleeping Beauty at the Lehi Arts Center.  It was a darling production that my family and I were privileged to attend.